We are

There has to be something special in a team that took its first breath when the world was trying to defend itself from the storm of recession. Having grown through shaky days with self-belief as the only available weapon, Sigma Research is proud to be where it is today. Dedication and discipline are the two words that define our work ethics. A closely-knitted team of eight, we firmly believe in being passionate towards our job. The fruits of our tenacity are self-evident along the time line itself when many big names have been found to be gasping for their very breath. Nonetheless, we are still in our adolescent stage, which will perhaps help you to realise what actually We Are.
There is no reason to conclude though, that we toil in an ‘all work and no play’ environment. Working smart is our normal take at any point of time and we make it a point to celebrate our every success along the journey.

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